Ride 9
From Dereham, a ride of 26 miles, following the lovely Wensum valley to Lenwade and back

This ride starts from the free Cherry Tree car park in Dereham, which is situated just off the roundabout at the northern end of the High Street.
    Go out of the car park and turn left by the Cherry Tree PH into Theatre Street. Continue to the end, passing the Methodist church and up to the crossroads, where you turn left into a larger road. Soon after passing the water tower and hospital the road veers to the left and in about half a mile there is a turning for Swanton Morley and Hoe on the right.

    Turn in here and very soon after take the left fork, following this pretty lane, with the railway line on the right and the Wensum river on the left. At a crossroads by a farm, go straight ahead and round the bends until the lane crosses the railway line at a level crossing and arrives at the little hamlet of Worthing.

    At a left hand bend in the lane, turn right for Swanton Morley. This lane follows the course of the river Wensum (on the left) and huge lakes until it arrives at a junction, where you turn left, go round a bend and turn immediately left again. Go across two bridges and in 100 yards or so at Swanton Lodge, turn right for Bylaugh.

    The ruins of Bylaugh Hall can be seen on the left and a very ancient church on the right. At the next crossroads go straight ahead and continue up to the main A1067, where you again go straight ahead into the lane opposite and into the hamlet of Sparham.

    Just after the church turn left into The Street and follow to the next junction, where you go straight ahead into a little lane with a notice signifying a Weak Bridge. Soon after crossing the stream and the redundant railway line, ignore the turning on the left and continue round to the right for Great Witchingham, then turn right at the T junction.

    In a short distance take the turning on the left for Launderford until you arrive at a larger road and turn right for Lenwade. Go over the bridges and proceed, with lakes and woods on both sides up to the main A1067, where you go straight ahead into the road opposite.

    Soon after passing Weston Hall and the Dinosaur Adventure Park the road goes up a hill, at the top of which you turn right into a small lane signposted Eastlaugh. Follow this until it joins another lane where you go straight ahead until you arrive at a farm on your right.

    Turn left here into Hase's Lane, signposted Collin Green, a tiny lane which winds it's way up to the top of a hill. The climb is well worth it as the views from the top are gorgeous At the next junction turn right and go along to where the lane forks and keep to the right, following the lane down the slope into Lyng.

    At the junction turn left and follow the main road, passing the Fox and Hounds PH on your right and going out of the town towards Mill Street. Keep following this lane, through the four houses of Fustyweed (what a lovely name) into Mill Street. Ignore the turning on the right and continue straight ahead for Elsing.

    The lane turns away from the river and heads south. At the next junction turn right and soon after right again for Etling Green. At the fork keep left and go down the slope, passing the lovely Elsing Hall, then round winding bends to a junction, where you keep to the main track on the right. Where you meet a larger road, turn right and follow this to Swanton Morley.

    When you arrive at the main B1147, turn right, then immediately left into a lane, which you follow to a junction. Bear left here and follow this lane, passing St. Andrews church and Hoe Hall and keeping straight ahead, before going round a sharp bend and over the railway lines by a bridge. From here you follow the lane to where it meets a larger road and turn left for Dereham.

    Follow this road, eventually going round a bend and passing a water tower, then up to a crossroads, where you turn right into Theatre Street. Half way down, the road becomes "one way" so you will need to walk the last few yards back to the Cherry Tree PH.





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