Ride 5
Starting from Castle Acre. A lovely ride of 32 miles, some climbs, but nothing steep.

There is usually ample parking round the little village green, but if not go back up the village street and follow the signs for the castle where there is another free car park.
    Leave the green and go right, through the arch of the Bailey Gate, down the hill, over a bridge and up to a sharp right hand bend. Take the turning on the left and continue to the main A1065, where you go straight across into the lane opposite and begin the shallow climb up Hungry Hill to where it levels out at Palgrave.

    The lane swings left by the farm entrance and continues to a crossroads, where you turn right and follow the lane to the next junction at the edge of Sporle. Turn left here, go over the redundant railway bridge and in about half a mile take the little lane on the left.

   Follow this tiny lane round the bends, over a small hill and down to the edge of Great Dunham, where just after the first buildings you turn left, and continue to the crossroads. Ignore the lanes to left and right and go straight across into the little lane opposite.

   Follow this lane to a tiny slip road on the right, which takes you on to a wider road, where you turn right and continues through a sprinkling of houses and up to a junction. Turn left here towards Litcham, and follow this wider lane down a nice long downhill section and into the trees of Litcham Common. After a left hand bend you arrive at a junction, where you turn right onto a wider road.

   (If you are in need of provisions, turn left for about 200 yards into Litcham, where there is a nice little shop on the left.)

   Continue out of the village, keeping to the main track until you arrive at a crossroads by a farm. Turn left here and follow this lane where you eventually see some large farm buildings on the left and go round to the left and up to the main B1145 Litcham/Mileham road.

   Go across to the lane which is slightly to the right of you and continue on the main track up to the next crossroads. Turn right here, round the sharp bends and after passing a farm, bear right where another lane joins. Follow this lane, with Eastfield Woods on the left, until you arrive at a junction by farm buildings.

    Turn left here and keep to the main track into the village of Whissonsett, ignoring the turning on the right and going straight across the next crossroads. At a fork in the lane, keep to the left and follow the lane to where it joins another and bear left and into the village of Tittleshall.

    At the fork keep right, go round the bend, ignore the first turn on the right and continue to the next, and turn right into Wellingham Road. Follow this winding lane to the next junction and turn sharp left, then continue down to a crossroads and turn right.

    At a left hand bend in the lane you come to a junction, where you keep to the right and join another lane going in the same direction. Keep straight ahead for a short distance to a crossroads where you turn RIGHT and continue up a straight lane and eventually round two very sharp bends by a farm and arrive at the main A1065.    Go diagonally across to the left, where there is a little lane and follow the main track around to the left continuing towards Rougham. In the village the lane turns left, passing the church and a lane on the right which you ignore. Take the next turning on the right which takes you up to the main B1145.

    Turn right here for just a few yards and take the lane on the left. At the next junction, turn right and follow the lane straight through the junctions at Wickens Farm and down to a crossroads. Go straight across into the lane opposite and follow this winding lane to another crossroads and go straight across. Follow this round a bend, where the road surface begins to deteriorate, with patches of loose sand and stones, so go slowly and carefully. The lane crosses the river Nar twice here by little concrete footbridges and is a very pretty spot.

  * West Acre Common is on the right and is a very popular spot for children as the water is shallow with gravel bottom and is the cleanest in the County. An ideal place for a family picnic. *

   Picnic over, continue up the gravelly lane to where it meets a wider lane at a sharp bend. Turn left here and follow this pretty lane throught woods and farmland until you pass a church on the right. Soon after this amidst the trees, there is a little slip road on the left, which joins another lane, where you bear left again.

    Follow this round a bend at the farm and down the very narrow (and a bit stoney) lane to meet the river Nar again. Go across the concrete bridge and continue by the river for a few yards before the lane veers away and up a slope. Ignore both turnings on the right and continue to the top of the lane where it meets the village street. Turn right and return to the green.





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