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Ride 4
A nice ride of 21 miles from Ashill. Lovely scenery and mostly level ground

From Swaffham town centre take the A 1065 Brandon/London road. Go straight ahead at the mini-roundabout and in about 200 yards take the B1077 on the left for Pickenham. Follow this road through South Pickenham, and into Ashill . Turn left at the church into the village, follow the road round to a 'T'junction and turn left again. The Green is along on the right.
Starting from the green, go up to the village street and turn left. Continue along and take the road on the right for South Pickenham (which is the way you came in). At the main road by the church turn right towards Swaffham for about 200 yards then turn into the lane on the left for Cressingham. At the "40" sign turn right on to a larger road.    At the next junction turn sharp left and continue to the next one where there is a large flint cottage on the corner. Take the little lane on the left (to Soham Hills) and continue to the main B 1077, where you go straight ahead into the lane opposite and into Saham Tony village. Ignore side turnings and follow the main road which veers slowly round to the right until you come to a crossroads.

    Turn left here for Ovington / Carbrooke and continue to the crossroads at the main A1075, where you go straight ahead to the little lane opposite and into the village of Ovington. Go through the village, following the Carbrooke signs. Leaving the village, the lane narrows and meanders it's way towards Carbrooke.    Soon after crossing a little stream there is a junction where you turn left and follow this lane round a left hand bend and into the village. Go through the main street of the village, following the signs for Shipdham, and with the village behind you the lane narrows considerably.     Soon after a bend in the lane at a little farm there is a lane signposted Kingrow, where you turn left and then very shortly left again and continue down to the farm where there is a 90 degree blind bend to the right.

    Continue along this pretty lane until you arrive at the A1075 again and go straight ahead into the lane opposite, signposted Saham Hills. Soon after a farm look out for a turning for Bradenham, where you turn right, following this lane to a sharp right hand bend and on to a long straight section to Saham Grove.
   At the next junction turn left for East Bradenham and follow this winding lane, (the last half mile of which runs downhill) and you arrive by the church in the village of Bradenham.

    Turn left and go through the village to the far end of the cricket green and turn right for Wendling. Follow the road through the bungalows to where the road forks at a ford and bear right, across the usually dry ford, and then left into a small lane signposted "Church". At the fork take the lane to the left towards the church and follow this very narrow lane round a couple of bends, ignore the turning on the left and continue to the next junction.

    Turn left here towards Necton, go straight ahead at the Ivy Todd crossroads and continue to the junction at the edge of Necton. Go diagonally across to the road opposite, then in a few yards turn left into Ramm's Lane. At the next junction turn left again towards Holme Hale and continue to the village.

    Follow the road through and out of the village where you arrive at the Swaffham to Shipdham road. Turn right and go down a very steep hill to a bend at the bottom, where there is a turning on the left for Ashill, which takes you up a long slope for a quarter of a mile before leveling out and taking you back to the green at Ashill.




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