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The area described in these pages is the Author’s own `training ground’, which he has come to know and love very much.    It is a region of mainly quiet lanes and byways, with gently undulating countryside .    The rides to the north of the town (the Nar Valley) have however more `ups and downs’ than the southern Breckland roads.     All routes are described fully, which means that as some rides cover the same ground at some point, there will of necessity be some repetition of the text in the various route descriptions.    The rides are all circuits, and return to the starting point in specified FREE car parks..


It is a sad fact of life that all vehicles are legally allowed to travel as fast on winding country lanes as on straight main roads. Cyclists are extremely vulnerable and so need to be vigilant at all times, especially where there are bends in the road. If there are two or more in a group, always travel in single file, the ‘tail-ender’ keeping an ear open for traffic approaching from behind.

Always thank considerate motorists who slow down and give you plenty of room, a friendly wave and a smile costs nothing and goes a long way towards improving relations with other road users. Never gesticulate or shout obscene remarks at the inconsiderate ones - it only makes them worse and they get no pleasure if you ignore them.

Always obey the laws regarding the Highway Code and be considerate to other road users.

The best way to ensure that you are seen is to wear bright fluorescent colours. There is a great deal of excellent lightweight, windproof and waterproof brightly coloured clothing on the market these days and it is well worth the small investment, if only for the safety aspect.

With this in mind, cycling is a healthy, invigorating, and rewarding pastime, and is enjoying a new found popularity in our stressed out society. With millions of new cars coming on to already overcrowded roads every year, other more ecologically sound forms of transport have to insist on their ‘right to ride’.

The information on this website was correct at the time of writing - however things change, so if you find any errors please let me know. You are free to download any of the route descriptions or pictures, but I would appreciate feedback, especially if you ride some of the routes.........HAPPY CYCLING.

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