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The Cressingham's
If it's a short ride and a peaceful one you want, then this is the ride for you.


Turn RIGHT out of the car park and at the end of Theatre Street turn LEFT and then LEFT again at the main road. Go carefully along for about 100 yards, where you will see a turning on the RIGHT. Turn down this road, past the little school and at the bottom of the hill at the 'T' junction, turn RIGHT.

Go past a few industrial units and the Rugby Club, down the hill and out of the town. The road climbs again, then levels out to pass the huge communications tower. Soon after this take the turning on the RIGHT, which curves round and down into NORTH PICKENHAM village. Follow the road through the village until you come to the Stores on the left, where you will see the little Blue Lion pub across the road, sitting on the corner of a lane.

Turn RIGHT here and continue along to where the road narrows into a lane and soon after comes to a 'T' junction. Turn RIGHT and follow this pretty lane ( the last section of which becomes part of the Pedars Way) until you arrive at the next crossroads. Go straight ACROSS here and follow this narrow lane, ignoring the turning on the right for Gt. Cressingham, until you come to the next crossroads.

Go straight ACROSS into the tiny lane opposite, which at first sight looks more like a track than a road, but don't be fooled, underneath the sand and loose shingle there is a tarmac surface! This soon improves as you travel along and you are soon cruising gently down into a river valley, over a bridge which traverses a tributary of the River Wissey and up towards LITTLE CRESSINGHAM If you look across the right you will see a very pleasant vista, including the remains of a windmill. At the crossroads you will see the cheerful looking White Horse Inn on the corner across the road.

Turn RIGHT here, where the lane soon plunges down a steep winding hill, at the bottom of which the windmill you saw earlier (now converted to a private dwelling) is on the right sitting by the stream. Cross over the bridge and continue to the 'T' junction, where you turn RIGHT, following this lane towards the village of  GREAT CRESSINGHAM. After crossing the hump bridge over the River Wissey, you will see the superb Windmill pub on the right, one of the best pubs in the County for good food and friendly service.

After passing the pub you go up a slight rise and then shortly come to a crossroads. Turn RIGHT here on a slightly wider road until you arrive at SOUTH PICKENHAM, where you will see a turning on to a larger road on the right. Turn RIGHT and follow this for a short distance until you pass the church of All Saints, with an unusual round tower, where you turn LEFT into the village. Continue through the main street until the road takes a sharp turn to the left at a farm. On this bend there is a lane across on the right. Turn RIGHT here and follow this lane back to North Pickenham, where it comes up to a 'T' junction.

Turn RIGHT here and go up the slope to the next 'T' junction, turn LEFT, and with the huge tower in front of you, retrace your wheel tracks back to Swaffham. Where the road climbs up into the town you will see the industrial units on the right, after which you take the turning on the LEFT, go to the top of the road and turn LEFT again. Go carefully along this main road for 100 yards to the bollards where you turn right and then immediately RIGHT again into Theatre Street. This is only a two way road for a short distance, so from the No Entry sign you will need to walk the last 100 yards to the car park.


Pickenham Tower             Blue Lion Pickenham

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      The White Horse Inn               Peddars Way at Cressingham.

The information on this website was correct at the time of writing - however things change, so if you find any errors please let me know. You are free to download any of the route descriptions or pictures, but I would appreciate feedback, especially if you ride some of the routes.........HAPPY CYCLING.
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