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FORTY MILESRIDE EIGHTBradenham  Scarning  Longham
Litcham  Lexham  Castle Acre
South and West Acre
Narborough  Beachamwell

Turn RIGHT out of the car park and go down to the 'T' junction.Turn LEFT here and immediately LEFT again at the main road. Go carefully along here for 100 metres until the turning across on the RIGHT. This leads you down past the little school to a 'T' junction, where you turn RIGHT and go down the hill out of the town.

This takes you, passing the huge communications tower, across pleasant undulating scenery for just over 6 miles, ignoring all side roads, until you come to the sign for BRADENHAM. Soon after this is an 's' bend and you will see a white house facing you, with a little lane just before it on the LEFT, which you take. Follow this to where the infant River Wissey crosses the road at the ford, where the road swings left and begins a shallow climb for about half a mile.

  At the top, the road swings right then left, out on to open and fairly level countryside. At the 'T' junction turn RIGHT for the short distance to the next 'T' junction at the old Norwich road. Turn RIGHT here towards Scarning and continue through the village. About half a mile after the village you will see the bridge taking the bypass over the road and immediately the other side of this is a tiny lane .

   Turn LEFT here and follow this pretty lane round until you arrive at a ford. This one has flowing water which can get quite deep after rain, but there is a narrow footbridge at the side.

  Immediately after this is another 'T' junction. Turn LEFT here and follow this little lane to the next junction, close by a bridge, where you turn RIGHT, (sign posted Gressenhall). This lane soon brings you to the next 'T' junction on a larger road, where you turn RIGHT again, following the road into Longham, with the White Horse P.H in front of you. If you are hungry and thirsty this is an excellent place to stop, and the pleasant restaurant is open all week for food.

  If you are not stopping, take the lane to the RIGHT of the pub (Litcham road) to the next junction and turn RIGHT (Bittering) until you come to a give way sign at a cross-roads. Turn LEFT ( signed Beeston) on this wider road, and ignoring the road on the left for Beeston, follow the main track until you arrive at the attractive village of  LITCHAM. There are several shops in the village as well as an old rambling pub, which stands at the crossroads by the little green.

   Take the road on the LEFT,just before the green which after 50 meters leads you out on to the B1145 to King's Lynn. Follow this for about a mile, until the road takes a sharp turn to the right. Here you will see a little lane in front of you, which dives off LEFT down into the trees. Follow this pretty lane through trees and parkland to East and then West Lexham, where the lane winds through the tiny hamlet, over a little bridge, then up a hill to join the A1065.

   Turn LEFT here, down the hill with care on this rather busy road for about a quarter of a mile and then , just before the road starts to rise again, you will see a little lane on the RIGHT. Go carefully across and into this lane which doubles back on itself before veering left through water meadows and then over a little bridge with a mill (now unfortunately converted to a residence) astride the River Nar.

  After the bridge, take the little lane on the LEFT, which follows the stream for a short distance before turning away uphill. This eventually arrives at a crossroads, where you go STRAIGHT ACROSS and then immediately join another lane, going LEFT. Continue on this until you reach a green on the edge of the village of CASTLE ACRE. At the crossroads go STRAIGHT ACROSS and ignore all side roads until you arrive at a 'T' junction. Turn LEFT here, going past the playing field on one side and the Spar shop on the other. Soon you come to a sharp right hand bend, (turn left for the castle remains) round which is the village centre. If you are visiting the Priory, carry straight on down through the village for about half a mile.

  If not, take the road on the LEFT, going through the ancient Bailey Gate and down a very steep and winding hill, over the hump bridge and bear round to the right, continuing on until you come to a little crossroads. Turn RIGHT into a tiny lane ,(usually covered with fine layer of sand), and up to the top of the hill, then down the other side to join another road going in the same direction. Continue along this road through lovely woodlands until you come to a sharp bend to the left, with the pretty West Acre common facing you. The turning to the right will take you the few yards to the ford, a popular place for dogs and youngsters in the summer and a good place to picnic.

  If you are not stopping here, follow the road round to the LEFT and ignoring all side turnings, go past the impressive Narford Hall, eventually arriving at the A47. Wait patiently for a gap in the traffic here, as although it is not dual carriageway, it is a fast section of road. Go DIAGONALY across to the lane opposite and follow this through trees for the short distance to the old A47 at the village of Narborough. Again go DIAGONALY across to the road opposite, continuing through a wooded section and then into more open countryside.

  This road runs fairly straight and ignoring a turning on the right you continuing with the huge area of RAF Marham on your right until you join the A1122. Turn RIGHT here for a short distance round the bend where there is a turning on the LEFT, taking you back into more peaceful surroundings. Climb the low hill up to the crossroads where you turn LEFT and shortly afterwards take the lane on the RIGHT. This leads you down to St John's Farm where there is a very sharp 'S' bend (mind the 'free range' chickens) and about half a mile after this, take the turning on the LEFT into pretty  BEACHAMWELL village.

  Passing the tiny Post Office on the left and the unique thatched church of St. Mary's on the right, you arrive at the green, now spoilt by the building of 'executive' type houses opposite. The Great Danes Head pub stands at the far end of the green, where the road veers round to the left, past houses on the right and up to a crossroads.

   Go DIAGONALY across here on to the Swaffham road, which you follow for four and a half miles, through the hamlet of Drymere on top of a low hill, eventually arriving at a crossroads, with the gates of the recreation ground in front of you. Turn LEFT here towards the town, ignoring the road opposite and continue until you arrive at a no entry sign just before the town centre. Turn RIGHT here into Theatre Street, taking you back to the car park.

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  Black ones I hope!! On the lane to Longham       The welcoming Longham White Horse

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   The Bull Inn at Litcham, full of character.
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The pretty lane to Litcham
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West Lexham                  The River Nar at Newton Mill

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