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40 MILESRIDE FIVEBeachamwell   Barton-Bendish   Boughton   Oxborough  Foulden   Northwold   Methwold  Feltwell   Cockley Cley

Turn RIGHT out of the car park to the end of the road and RIGHT again into Haspalls Road. Continue to the end where it joins Cley Road at the junction by the iron gates of the recreation ground.

Take the Beachamwell road, obliquely ACROSS, with the new houses on the right. Follow this lane between hedges to the top of a slight rise where the aspect becomes more open and shortly enters a forestry area, before ascending slightly to the little cluster of houses at Drymere.

There is then a nice downhill slope for about a mile to where you pass a lane on your left. Ignore this and continue straight on between trees and broad grassy verges to the next junction. Here the main road veers to the right. Leave this and take the road diagonally ACROSS, which, with a row of houses set back, leads you into the village of BEACHAMWELL

As you approach the village green the road turns sharp right, so that the green is on your left, the pub one end and the church the other. Continue past the little thatched church and the Post Office to the end of the village where you come to a junction.

Turn RIGHT here, and, if you come in early summer you will be intoxicated by the sweet smell of strawberries from the fields on your left. Also on the left here, across the field, are the remains of the Anglo Saxon church of St. John's. At the farm the road takes a sharp 'S' bend between the buildings (be very careful of the free range chickens browsing in the road!!) and then continues on up to a junction.

Turn LEFT here and you soon arrive at a crossroads where you turn LEFT again, following the lane around to the right and into a long straight stretch with broad verges and hedges set well back from the road. In about three-quarters of a mile you will come to a lane on the LEFT, signposted 'Eastmoor'. Take this narrow lane, going past another road to the left and make your way through the half dozen houses which make up Eastmoor.

Soon after the last house is behind you a 'T' junction is reached, where you follow the main track round to the RIGHT, up a small rise, then down again to cross a small stream. Ignore the turning just after the bridge and continue straight on with reed beds on your left until the lane joins a larger road on a bend.

Turn LEFT here,(the same reed beds on your left), crossing the stream again and continuing until you arrive at the castelated walls of Oxborough Hall. The village of  OXBOROUGH is now facing you around the huge green. Go past the main gates of the Hall, and as you come to the ruins of the church of St. John the Evangelist there is a slip road on the RIGHT, leading into a right hand turn.

Take this road, past the visitors entrance to the Hall, over a tiny ornate stone bridge crossing the river Gadder and continue to the next 'T' junction. Turn RIGHT here and enjoy the very pleasant ride across Foulden Common, a wonderful wildlife site and a good spot to picnic.

The road snakes it's way between trees until it arrives at the edge of the village of FOULDEN. At the cross roads a few yards on your left, you take the road to the RIGHT,signposted Didlington, and follow the road out of the village.

This leads you through the pretty broadleaf woodland of Didlington Park and over the new iron and stone bridge traversing the River Wissey, then just after a smaller second bridge, there is a slip road on the RIGHT which you take.

In a short distance you enter the jumble of old houses and cottages known as Little London, then into the narrow village street of NORTHWOLD.

  After passing the church of St. Andrew's and the Crown .P.H. you come to a junction on the left (Methwold Road) with an old square chapel on the corner.

Turn LEFT here and continue until you reach the very busy A134. With great care go straight ACROSS into the lane opposite, which after making a broad swing to the right and then to the left finaly arrives at a 'T' junction on the edge of Methwold.

Take the road to the LEFT for about 400 yards to the next junction at the bollards and turn RIGHT into the village of METHWOLD.. Keep to the main road through the village, passing the church of St. George on the right. Facing the old church across the road is a beautifully preserved Tudor house with very ornate brickwork, and further down the road near the end of the village a large ancient wooden cross.

Still keeping to the main road, you now enters an area of open fields, where the Wissington sugar-beet factory can be seen on the far skyline. Two miles on, at Methwold Hythe the road swings sharp left and runs due South with occassional glimpses of the massive air base on the right until it reaches the small town of FELTWELL at a fork in the road.

The road to the right goes into the village if you have the time. If not, keep to the LEFT fork, pass a little church with a ruined tower and the 'Chequeres' P.H on the 'one way' system. Soon after you pass a new school on your left, turn LEFT at the junction, then bear right into Lodge Road.

Continue along this pleasant tree lined road to the next crossroads. There is a slip road to the LEFT which you take, but immediatley after you exit this you take another turning on the RIGHT. This scenic lane is like a roller-coaster, with little humps along its whole length.

At the next crossroads, turn LEFT and ignore all turnings until you reach the A134. Once again go carefully STRAIGHT ACROSS into the lane opposite and continue over the two bridges of the River Wissey, and just after Didlington Park take the RIGHT fork (signposted Bodney).

Shortly after this and just after a lane enters from the left you come to an unmarked crossroads, where you turn LEFT. From here, ignore any turnings and continue along the fairly straight road which rises slowly away from the lower ground for about four miles.

Soon after a road enters from the left you will come to a crossroads where you turn LEFT, down a steep slope into the valley. At the bottom you pass the entrance to the Iceni Village, go over the little stream and take the RIGHT fork up the hill into COCKLEY CLEY.

Here you join the main Swaffham to Stoke Ferry road, where you turn to the RIGHT. From here it is just three miles back to the town, but there is a small section just after the golf course where the road narrows and twists. Go carefully!!.

After passing bungalows on the right, then the recreation ground, ignore the sign for the 'Town centre' and continue straight on until you arrive at the 'No Entry' sign. Turn RIGHT here into Theatre Street and return to the car park.

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St. John the Evangelist, Oxborough    Author's sketch of Barton Bendish
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The Crown Inn at Northwold

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