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Weasenham Litcham
Beeston Dunham

Ride starts from the EcoTech Centre in SWAFFHAM, NORFOLK.

From the town centre, follow the signs for the A1065 to Fakenham and just before you reach the bridge carrying the bypass, turn left into the Superstore. The EcoTech and the first of Swaffhams’ giant wind turbines is straight across the roundabout.
•Turn right out of the EcoTech car park to the end of the industrial estate, where there is a path through the hedge into a lane. Turn right to the top, then right again away from the town.

•In about three miles, at the crossroads, go straight across into the lane by the side of Narford Hall. At the little humpbacked bridge you meet the River Nar for the first time. Continue to the junction and turn sharp right.

•In about a mile take the turning on the right, then left into West Acre. At the green go straight on, bear left at the “Stag PH” and turn right at the crossroads. The river can be seen on the right, meandering across the meadows.

•Just after a farm with a high wall, turn left and climb out of the valley. At the next crossroads go straight across and at the Hall gates take the middle lane of the three. At the next junction, turn left and down a gentle hill to meet the B1145.

•Go straight across and into Rougham, then left, signposted Weasenham. At the A1065, go carefully across into the lane opposite. Very soon, where the lane swings round to the left, go into the lane straight ahead, signposted Lexham and follow this to the farm, where the lane goes sharp right and through a series of bends before running straight to the next crossroads.

•Go straight across and follow to where lane joins the B1145 on a bend. Go straight ahead for 50 yds and at the next bend go into the lane in front of you. At the next junction, turn left through park and woodland until the lane joins the B1145 again.

•Bear right for LITCHAM and continue into the village. When you come to the junction with the lovely old “Bull PH” across the road, turn left, then take the road immediately to the right, signposted Tittleshall. In about a mile, at a bend in the road, take the tiny lane to the right as far as the crossroads and turn right again.

•As the road begins to swing gently left, just over the hedge on the right is the source of our little River Nar, which meanders it's way to the sea at King’s Lynn. Where this lane meets the B1145, go into the lane across to the right.

•Follow this across the next crossroads and up to a junction. Turn right and into Beeston. Where the road becomes wider at the “Ploughshare PH” keep on the main track, down the hill out of the village.

•At the bottom of the hill the road veers right and up towards an isolated church. At the next junction turn right and into Great Dunham. Turn right at the junction, then take the next left

•In 50 yds.go into the little lane on the left and follow this, passing the golf club, to the junction. Turn right, over the old railway bridge to the crossroads.

•Turn right and then left at the next crossroads. At a private farm road the lane swings right and begins to run very steeply down into the valley. At the bottom of the hill it joins the A1065.

•Go straight across into the little lane opposite and at the junction, turn right, over the River Nar and up the hill to CASTLE ACRE At the Bailey Gate, turn left on to Stocks Green and continue through the village, passing the church and taking the lane on the left.

•At the river, go over the little bridge and into a very narrow lane. Follow this passing a farm at a bend and then take the right fork to a larger lane and fork right again.

•In about a mile, at a left hand bend, West Acre Common and the ford are to the right.   If you are not stopping keep round to the left, over a small rise and take the next lane on the left.

•This narrow lane rises quite steeply out of the valley for three quarters of a mile, then levels out to join the road into Swaffham. Go over the bypass and just before the old railway bridge turn into the track on the left and return to the car park.

An ideal map for cycling in Norfolk is the
scaled at 2 miles to 1 inch, it covers all of Norfolk

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Stocks Green, Castle Acre
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The River Nar at Castle Acre

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Lane from West Acre to Rougham

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