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SIXTY-ONE MILESRIDE TWELVEGrimston  Sandringham  Snettisham
Sedgeford  Houghton
Massingham  West Acre

A 61 mile ride for the energetic to sunny.hunny.title.gif - 3614 Bytes
Swaffham to Hunstanton and return by different routes.
This is the only seaside town on Norfolk's coastline which faces due West and is the setting for
some wonderful sunsets. Old Hunstanton has a superb long sandy beach, backed with dunes.
The water is clean and shallow for a long distance offshore, ideal for families with young children.


East Walton
West Newton

Great Bircham
West Acre


Turn RIGHT out of the car park and go along, with the commercial units on your left, till you reach the hedge. Follow the cycle path through the hedge, then turn RIGHT down an unmade lane. At the end of this is a 'T' junction next to a bridge. Turn RIGHT, away from the town and follow this lane, ignoring the turning on the right, through rising ground for about a mile.

It then begins to decend, goes through some farm buildings on a bend and arrives at a crossroads, with Narford hall across to the left. Go STRAIGHT ACROSS here and follow the lane round some sharp bends, over a hump-back bridge where it eventually joins a larger road at a 'T' junction

Turn LEFT and, ignoring the lane on the left, continue until the road joins another on a bend. Turn RIGHT and follow this round a bend into EAST WALTON, (look for the old Wheelwright's oven on the left) then keep RIGHT and go up a slope. The road then goes down-hill, at the bottom of which is a turning on the RIGHT for Gayton Thorpe.

Take this lane for a short distance to the little village green with it's pond and church. At the crossroads, turn LEFT and continue to the next crossroads at the B1145. Go STRAIGHT ACROSS into the tiny lane opposite and ignoring any turnings, follow the lane until it swerves round to the left by a house and shortly arrives at a junction on a bend.

Turn RIGHT and follow the road into GRIMSTON. Keep to the main road through the village, going STRAIGHT ACROSS at the crossroads by the clock and continue to the end, where there is a bend in the road. Just round this bend is a turning to the LEFT.

Take this road through bungalows until you join another larger road at a bend. Turn RIGHT and continue for a short distance to ROYDON and you will see a small green on your left. Just after this, turn RIGHT down a tiny lane next to a Bric-a-Brac shop, go over a little bridge and follow to a 'T' junction. Turn RIGHT and go on up to the 'T' junction on the main A148.

Turn RIGHT here (take great care how you cross this busy road) then, after 100 yards turn LEFT, into a small lane which takes you through lovely parkland woods. Ignore the turning on the right and go straight on into WEST NEWTON village. At the 'T' junction, turn RIGHT and continue up to the B1440, where you turn LEFT and follow the walls of the Sandringham Estate until the road swings round to the left and you come to the main gates of Sandringham House.

If you are stopping here, the parking and entrance is along the road to the left. If not, swing round with the gates at your back and continue down a broad avenue, round some sharp downhill bends and into DERSINGHAM. Follow the road through tight bends until you pass the church of St. Nicholas. Just after this is another sharp left hand bend, so make sure you can see round the corner before you take the turning across on the RIGHT.

In a short distance you come to a crossroads and turn LEFT, then at the next crossroads go STRAIGHT ACROSS. In about half a mile the road run downwards to the outskirts of INGOLDISTHORPE. Ignore all turnings until a sharp left hand bend, where you take the lane on the RIGHT by a red brick wall.

Ignore the turning on the left and keep straight on, down into a steep valley, over a stream and up a short hill. At the next crossroads go STRAIGHT ACROSS and continue to where the lane joins a larger road. Turn RIGHT and follow this road to SEDGEFORD. As you arrive at the village the road swing sharp left and up a short hill to the main (B1454) road. Turn RIGHT here and then in about 200 yards take the road on the LEFT (signposted Ringwood) and climb up the hill out of the village.

This lane switchbacks it's way for about two miles to RINGSTEAD. Follow the main road through shops and cottages and just as you leave the village you will see the stone and metal sign for Great Ringsted. Just after this take the turning on the LEFT and follow this until you join the Coastal (A149) road.

Turn LEFT and go over a bridge where you will soon see a little lane on the LEFT signposted St. Mary's Church. Turn LEFT here and follow this tiny lane until you arrive at a 'T' junction at Old Hunstanton.Turn RIGHT and in about 100 yards, turn LEFT into 'Lighthouse Lane'. Follow this round, passing the lighthouse, until you reach the green at the town.

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Going from the town along the cliff-top, the road bears right by the lighthouse and up to the main road. Turn RIGHT here for 100 yards to the little lane you came in on. Turn LEFT and follow this round until you join the main road futher round.

Turn RIGHT here, go over the bridge and then take the lane on the RIGHT, signposted Ringstead. Continue along this undulating lane until you come to a junction with another road on a bend at the outskirts of RINGSTEAD. Turn RIGHT and go through the little village, then follow the lane round bends and up a hill.

Ignore the turning on the right and continue all the way along this attractive lane until you enter SEDGEFORD by a steep hill. At the 'T' junction, turn LEFT for just a few yards, then RIGHT onto the road for Fring.

This lane winds itself up and down some small hills until a final climb up to the church. It then goes steeplt down to a 'T' junction, where you turn LEFT, then immediately RIGHT, on the road to Bircham. Follow this for several miles, until you see the Bircham Windmill across to the right. Ignore the turning on the right here and keep straight on to a junction. Bear LEFT here and go up to the 'T' junction at the main road.

Turn RIGHT and go along this fairly busy road through the village for about 300 yards. Where you see the 'King's Head Hotel' on the right, take the road on the LEFT for about half a mile, then take the fork to the RIGHT, signposted Houghton. This pretty lane travels over open ground for about half it's length and the goes into dense woodland. Soon after you see Houghton Hall through the trees to the right you come to a sharp bend.

Go STRAIGHT ACROSS and into the tiny lane opposite. Where this joins another lane, bear RIGHT, ignore the first left turning and go on to the second where you turn LEFT. Follow this narrow lane until it arrives at the 'T' junction at the main A148 road. Go carefully STRAIGHT ACROSS to across to the road opposite and into HARPLEY.

Continue straight along this road through the village and you eventually arrive at the pretty village of GREAT MASSINGHAM, with it's two large ponds. There are plenty of seats round the first pond for a welcome rest! Keep to the main track out of the village and go down the hill to the 'T' junction. Go STRAIGHT ACROSS here and up the slope to a bend.

Soon after this there is a turning on the RIGHT. Take this very narrow lane for a short distance and then take the first turning on the LEFT, which takes you through lovely woodland. As you come out of the woods and down the slope near West Acre, take the little lane on the LEFT and continue down the slope to the crossroads.

Go straight ACROSS to a little lane, which goes into the village of WEST ACRE.

In just a few yards you come to a sharp bend, with the 'Stag' P.H on the corner. Follow this lane round to the right to the next crossroads, with a lovely little church and the remains of a Priory to your left. Turn left here and follow the lane to a 'T' junction. Turn LEFT again, go over the bridge ( the River Nar)and up to another crossroads.

Go STRAIGHT ACROSS into a very narrow lane, which soon begins to climb out of the valley, so be prepared for some hard peddaling. This is the steepest climb in the ride and I appologise for leaving it to the last! When you get to the top however there is a nice level ride for a couple of miles and you join a wider lane for the final leg into Swaffham, with good views of the wind turbine to the left.

Go over the A47 by-pass bridge and then, just before the old railway bridge at the edge of the town, turn LEFT down an unmade lane, pass an old factory on the right and look for a cycle track throught he hedge on the LEFT. Go throught the hedge and continue up the road and back to the car park. If you have followed ths ride all the way you have just done 61 miles - congratulations.

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The gates of Sandringham House
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The disused lighthouse and Coastguard look-out.
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