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Longham  Wendling  Francham
Turn RIGHT out of the car park and go up to the T junction. Turn LEFT and then LEFT again at the main road.   About 150 yards along here turn RIGHT at the bollards and enter White Cross road.  This runs down to a T junction on the Pickenham road, where you turn LEFT and run down a short slope to another junction.

Turn carefully RIGHT here and follow this wide road up the hill, where you will see a McDonnalds sign over the trees.  This stands at a roundabout, but just before you arrive, the road bends round sharply to the left. On this bend you will see a little lane on the RIGHT.  Turn in here and follow the lane until it joins a cycle/footpath.  Turn LEFT her for the few yards to the main A47.

Wait for a lull in the traffic, then cross with care into the lane directly opposite. There are some rough patches on this lane, so if you are on narrow tyres, beware the potholes. The lane is rarely used however, so you will be able to dodge these with safety.  The lane veers left, over the first of the eleven bridges, then sharp right and out on to the Sporle road.

Turn RIGHT here, over a bridge (No.2) and on to a pleasant level section.  As you arrive at the village of SPORLE, the road dives down a steep hill to a T junction, so test your brakes!!  Turn LEFT here and go past the pub and the church and follow the road out of the village.

At the crossroads, turn RIGHT (signposted Gt.Dunham), where you will soon go over a bridge, (No.3)and in about half a mile, arrive at LITTLE DUNHAM.   

As the Black Swan appears in front of you, the road veers round to the left and in a few yards comes out on to another wider road. Turn LEFT here, over the bridge,(No.4)and, ignoring the sign for Dunham Museum - it has closed, continue until you come to the first houses of GREAT DUNHAM.

Take the turning across on the RIGHT (signposted Francham)and continue for about half a mile, where you will see a little lane on your LEFT. Turn into this pretty lane,(signposted Beeston) which runs fairly straight, going past an isolated church and then down a hill.  At the bottom of this hill the road takes a very sharp turn to the left, then up a slope, ignore the turning on the left and carry on into the village of BEESTON.

Just beyond the pub there is a three way junction, where you will take the road STRAIGHT AHEAD, a fairly narrow lane. Ignore all side turnings and keep straight on, where you will soon enter a very narrow and winding lane with some nice open views. This brings you up to a T junction on a wider road.

Turn RIGHT here and continue to the next junction at Longham Hall. Turn RIGHT and go down a wide and well surfaced road. In about a mile you will come to a very sharp left, then right dog leg in the road and half a mile further at a junction the road veers right then left. Shortly after this the road crosses over the main A47 Swaffham/Dereham bypass,layed on the old railway tracks (No.5), and begins to dip sharply down o bring you up (at great speed!) to a T junction in WENDLING.

Turn RIGHT here and follow this road up to the A47, where you turn LEFT, keeping close to the verge in the 'run-on' lane. Go right up to the end of this and you will see a lane on the opposite side.  Wait for a good break in the traffic and go directly ACROSS into this lane, following it for a short distance until you go under a bridge (No.6).

forge7.jpg - 7908 BytesJust after the bridge there is a tiny lane, turn LEFT here and keep an eye out for an unusual 'plant' at the roadside. This is the work of artist blacksmith Nigel Barnett, who has his wonderful 'smithy', Francham Forge, on the other side of the road. Together with his wife Angie they make all sorts of artistic creations out of metal and have a showroom alongside the workshop. They make and sell items from key rings to huge ornate iron gates.  They are a very friendly couple, proud of the work they do and it's well worth a visit.

Continue up this little lane, going round a sharp bend and under a bridge,(No.7) then up a gentle rise with open views until you arrive at a junction. Turn RIGHT here and follow this road, round a sharp bend, then through the tiny comunity of Great Francham. Keep an eye open going past the old railway crossing house - you may see Thomas the Tank Engine! Continue down this lane and on to Great Dunham.

At the T junction, turn RIGHT into the village, then after about 200 yards, turn LEFT into a little lane. In a few yards, where the bears sharp right, go STRAIGHT ON into the narrow lane in front of you. Ignore any side turnings and follow this until you pass the golf club, cross over the track of the old railway (No.8)and in about 300 yards you will come to a T junction.

Turn RIGHT here, passing farm buildings before going over a bridge, (No.9)and up to the next crossroads. Turn LEFT here, back into Sporle, where, soon after passing the church and the pub, you will see some white railings and a signpost for Swaffham. Turn RIGHT here and be prepared for a short but stiff climb out of the village.

Soon after the road levels out you come to a bridge (No.10)and in a few yards, keep your eyes open for a lane on the LEFT. Turn into this with care as it keeps turning sharp left and can be a little dangerous as there is usualy sand or gravel on the road. This runs over the very last (No.11) railway bridge, passes a farm and ends up at the side of the A47.

Again, wait for a clear road and go carefully straight ACROSS on to the little cycle path and then turn RIGHT into a lane. This brings you out on to the Old Norwich road where you turn LEFT and go down the hill into Swaffham. At the bottom of the hill where the road swings round to the right at the bollards, you turn LEFT. Go up a short rise, take the turning on the RIGHT and continue to the T junction on the main road. Turn LEFT here then RIGHT at the bollards into Haspal's Road, then immediately RIGHT into Theatre Street and return to the car park.


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The Black Swan at Dunham

The information on this website was correct at the time of writing - however things change, so if you find any errors please let me know. You are free to download any of the route descriptions or pictures, but I would appreciate feedback, especially if you ride some of the routes.........HAPPY CYCLING.
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